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TheInfo247.com Informative Blog is a Popularly Known Website Brand Developed for the Sole Aim of Rendering Quality and Informative Services to her Users and Visitors. 
We stands out from all other websites, blogs, forums and portals not only for our beautiful and responsive design and easy navigation but also for our loaded, rich, priceless and unique contents. 

TheInfo247.com Informative Blog Keeps You Informed about Latest Jobs, Vacancies, Recruitment, Scholarships, Career, Money Making, Investments, Health, Insurance and every other stuff that goes on in the world at large with an authoritative voice. 


Our aim is to collect information from all the available sources, systematize it and explain it in a really understandable and neutral manner. As a result, we provide high quality, reliable information and affordable products related to different spheres of people’s life, including Education, Latest Jobs, Vacancies, Recruitment, Scholarships, Career Tips for advancement of knowledge and economic prosperity.

Our Mission is to become the Best Informative Blog and portal delivering fresh Contents to all our Visitors and Users.

The Informative Blog covers almost all Facet of Financial and Career Life ranging from Latest Jobs, Vacancies, Recruitment, Scholarships, Career, Money Making, Investments, Health, Insurance and Lots more..


Naijalads was created by Abawuru David  who is popularly known as Davegates.

Abawuru Davegates is a talented young man from Imo State In Nigeria, who has put in his efforts, time, energy and resources in running the functionality of TheInfo247.com Blog/Website. 
Davegates has received so many recognition, accolades and good will messages from his fans and well wishers. Above all He is a humble and Trustworthy Nigerian Graduate, Loves music a l ot and also he is a Creative Writer. 
A gentleman you can meet and mingle with easily. Very Sociable. 

Contact Him via:
Phone/Whatsapp: 2348136773848. 

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